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Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels

Like little Pac-Men all over your face!  These enzymes will digest all the dead skin cells on the surface revealing a smoother, clearer more refined version of you.  At Rejuva we offer a variety of different chemical peels that are only available in medically supervised clinics, for different skin concerns.

Treatment Options

Fire and Ice by iS Clinical

Fire and Ice by iS Clinical is a treatment for your senses! Using contrast therapy, the combination of hot and cold. The Fire and Ice facial treatment will stimulate the circulatory and lymphatic system to detox any impurities in the skin, while safely resurfacing the skin by encouraging cellular renewal. This refreshing facial will dramatically refine the skin with no downtime. A great treatment to have just before and event!

Vivier Platiné Peel

Vivier Platiné Peel is a luxurious facial treatment that brightens, tightens and softens the skin. Using 10% Lactic acid, 2% Salicylic acid and 14% Resorcinol this layered facial treatment will gently exfoliate and renew the skin with little to no downtime. Using Pharmaceutical grade ingredients, the Platiné peel reveals a radiant glow, while stimulating cellular renewal and increases collagen production.

SkinTx Jessner Peel

SkinTx Jessner Peel is a “lunchtime” peel that targets pigmentation and acne. This mighty but swift peel packs a big punch to your skin. Using Pharmaceutical grade ingredients the Jessner peel delivers a medium to deep peel containing 14% Salicylic acid, 14% Lactic acid and 14% Resorcinol. It addresses fine lines, pigmentation and reduces acne.